A Surgeon's Point of view

  • 1 - Correct shape and weight of jaws provides optimum pressure to jaws.
  • 2 - Precisely milled teeth permit secure holding without snagging.
  • 3 - Box joint. The best form of joint for the greatest stability.
  • 4 - Surgical grade stainless steel. Rigid quality control always instigated - made ISO to 7153-1
  • 5 - Larger than average finger rings for ease of use.
  • 6 - Deep cut ratchet so that he surgeon has the assurance the instruments will be held securely when closed.
  • 7 - Satin finish. All our products are now finished with this non-reflective, High quality surface finish.
  • 8 - Passivated surface corrosion resistance.
Quality Management System (QMS)

All products supplied by Surgins Surgical Limited comply in every respect with the requirements of recognized standards,

These include British, European, American and International quality management systems including compliance to the European Directive for Medical Devices, resulting in the award of the CE mark.

Labour Standards Assurance Management System (LSAS)

- Surgins Ethical Trade Policy (Download pdf)

- Surgins LSAS Policy (Download pdf)

- Surgins Whistleblowing-Policy (Download pdf) - (Link)