Customer services policy

Lifetime warranty / 5-years Guarantee

To validate warranty, please, ensure 'Surgins' instruments care guidelines are followed.

Surgins Instruments Care Guidelines

  • Make sure that the instruments are only used for the purpose for which they have been designed.
  • Instruments should be handled gently being careful not to over strain or drop them.
  • Check carefully every instrument for damage after use, before storing.
  • Give special attention to fine instruments. These can be easily damaged by contact with other instruments.
  • It is important that you check the hardness of the water used in the Autoclave, Water, which is too hard, will leave a deposit on the instruments.
  • Make sure that the detergent is at the recommended strength if ultrasonic or cleaning machines are being used.
  • All box locks should be opened and disassemble those instruments with removable parts.
  • Make sure you clean and decontaminate all instruments in warm water immediately after use. Failure to do so may result in the instruments becoming stained and the joints stiff.
  • Do not leave soiled instruments to dry. If it is impossible to clean them immediately after use, soak them in cold water.
  • Never leave any instrument soaking in chemical sterilising solution for a longer period than necessary. All chemicals should be removed from instruments.
  • Instruments should be lubricated after every cleaning process with a water-soluble lubricant and must be thoroughly dried before being stored.
  • Never use abrasives on instruments. This will spoil the surface finish and may later cause pitting, discoloration or rusting.
  • Never vibro-etch or impact mark instruments. This can lead to failure of instruments at a later date.

Warranty will commence from the date of the invoice.


Any date or period for delivery shall be considered as indicative only, although it is our policy to try to dispatch all orders within agreed time period. We cannot be held responsible for delays in the delivery caused by a third party.

Returns / Replacement

Incorrectly ordered goods can be returned providing they are not soiled or damaged in any way, and that we are notified in writing within 7 working days of delivery. No refunds or replacements will be considered until the original goods have been thoroughly inspected.

Faulty goods will be replaced or refunded after inspection provided that we are notified in writing within 7 working days of delivery.


We offer an instrument repair / sharpening service for 'Surgins' instruments only.

Due to the nature of the repair / sharpening service and the fatigue that can be cause to alloys that have been damaged or are not new, if during the repair / service procedure the instrument breaks or becomes unfixable due to existing damage to the instrument we cannot be held responsible for this damage.

If, it is considered cost-effective to replace than repair or unable to repair, alternative options available will be discussed. Repair costs vary depending on the work required therefore a brief note of the service will always be required.